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Hello Fellow Members,


 Welcome to another school year filled with lots of fun, food and challenges.  Opening up each year always feels like a new opportunity and adventure all rolled into one.  It's such a great feeling when we get all the covers off the equipment, fill the dishwasher and turn on the radio. Once we have those things in place we're off and running until June. 


It's always a great time-line when we reach October and the SNA-NH Fall conference is in full swing .  It means there is a good chance that we have fallen somewhat into our routines and the days are hopefully less stressful.  Next thing you know we are attending the SNA-NH Spring Conference and we are wrapping up the year.


In between those two time-lines many hours are spent by volunteer SNA members to coordinate these conferences and bring you  pertinent information .  I have had the pleasure of serving on the SNA-NH board for the past 12 years and this is my second term as President. I am so happy to have Amy Cassidy following in line as President Elect with Doris Demers behind her as Vice President.  The association is progressively moving forward with extremely capable leaders. You're in good hands but many hands are needed in order to fulfill the now mandatory professional standards .


If you feel you have time in your schedule and are interested in working with the board, to bring value to our members, please reach out to Amy or Doris. I look forward to a great year, working with your future leaders, and ultimately passing of the baton.


Thank you,


Donna Roy, SNS

School Nutrition Director

Pembroke School District

(603)  485-3042

Amanda Venezia at The National Leadership Conference

Amanda Venezia

At the Future Leaders Conference held during the National Leadership Conference last week in San Diego.
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SNANH Admin,
Nov 18, 2015, 7:26 AM