Thanks to all who supported our SNF Fundraiser in memory of our friend Phil Dallon at Muse Paint Bar in Manchester. We raised almost $300 to support scholarships for school nutrition professionals.



SNANH - working to advance good nutrition to all children


    How quickly time flies when it's summer and school is out! Here we are again, ready to start another school year. If you attended SNA's ANC in Atlanta I'm sure you have lots of new ideas to implement in your own kitchens. The Exhibit Hall was full of exciting new products that meet the regulations.  Sonny Purdue, our new Secretary of Agriculture is open and listening to the concerns of food service directors across the country and working with our own SNA members to make changes to regulations that will increase the nutrition of our students. We all know that it isn't nutrition unless it goes into their stomachs. Here's wishing you a great year!

We are planning our vendor show and fall conference together on November 17th and 18th. It will be held at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester. Stay tuned for more details on this fun filled and educational event.

 I am honored and excited to start this year as president of SNA of NH. Thank you to Amy Cassidy, our immediate Past President for all her work and time over the past three years to make this organization great. 
    We have an exemplary team on our board that is ready to make sure this year is one of the best so far!  We need your talents and your ideas to make this association work for everyone in our state. Consider joining our board to work with a wonderful team of dedicated professionals. It will help you grow both personally and professionally to become involved. Even if you don't have the time or schedule to join the board, I would love to hear from you!  

Here is our 2017-2018 team:
Doris Demers - President
Deb Riso - President Elect
Michele Dupont - Secretary-Treasurer
Rhonda Peckham - Professional    Development
Donna Reynolds - Membership
Jeanne Pierce - Public Policy and Legislation 
Amy Cassidy - Immediate Past President
Other non-voting members are for Scholarship, Fundraising, and Employee Manager. We are looking for individuals to fill some of these positions.

Doris Demers, DTR
Your 2017-2018 SNA of New Hampshire President
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